Me and My Shadow

Samllshadow Me and My Shadow … and yes, nine times out of ten, my shadow has 4 legs instead of two and is always chocolate whether the sun is shining behind him or not… 

But I was struck yesterday standing at this little overlook, watching the stream trickle on through (another daily routine of Bugs and I) I was struck by our shadows – one beside the other.  And today I realise this is what we do .. this is what we, my friends and I, do … we stand in the sun side by side – we stand inthe light, looking at – trying to follow –  the life that flows around us.   And then every so often we find our shadows, the dark, messy but still beautiful parts of ourselves.  So we stand side by side allowing the light to heal and shape and define us.  Discovering who we are and the life that flows before us.   

I can’t help but wonder, if it is even possible to see yourself – to really see yourself – unless you stand in the sun. 

For my dear shadows that I find beside me — I am grateful.   Thank you for standing in the sun with me.