Thursday Night Therapy

So tonight I had my hour long therapy session with ABC at 8pm.   Laugh if you will, but Grey’s Anatomy is certainly the far cheaper way to go.   

So this evening we met this little girl who thought she was a superhero with superpowers and to prove this so, would let other kids pound her stomach with fists and baseball bats(actually she had medical chromosome issues that prevented her from feeling pain) and so for obvious reasons she wound up in the ER at Seattle Grace.   

While operating on this little girl who could feel no pain,Dr Bailey made the astute comment,

"everybody wants a life without a pain and what does it get you?  pain is there for a reason."   

This girl had serious internal bleeding because she felt no pain.   

Pain is there for a reason. 

This week I seemed to find myself spending more money on Starbucks than usual because I found myself spending more hours than usual sitting with dear friends of all ages, who are trying to understand pain.  accept pain.  name pain.  cope with pain.  their pain.  the world’s pain.  their friend’s pain.  their family’s pain. restless pain.  hidden pain. open pain. pain of all magnitudes and depths and sizes.  pain that laughs. and pain that cries. 

And I am quite certain, that each of them (myself included) have wished for a life without pain.  without tears.   And when those wishes don’t come true, all that remains seems to be a lot of questions.   Questions that can be as painful as the answers (or lack there of).

but Bailey says it, there’s a reason for pain.  medically.  emotionally.  spiritually.   there’s a reason for pain.  and the reason goes beyond it’s cause. it tells us that something is wrong.  that something isn’t right.  that life is not as it should be.  we are not as we should be. 

Meredith concludes in her closing narration that  we create a fantasy in this world: Pleasure is good.   Twice as much pleasure is better.  pain is bad.   And no pain is better.  But the reality is different.  The reality is that pain is there to tell us something.  We hurt for a reason.  and eventually even too much pleasure (i.e. strawberry ice cream) gives us a stomach ache. 

I wonder does pain keep us real?  Does pain keep us alive to the reality of this world?   Pain hurts but is it bad? Can you really live, numb?

So Alex asks Izzie at the end as she stands outside Seattle Grace Hospital, grieving and unable to re-enter: 

"Does it hurt?"


"where does it hurt?"   


"maybe it hurts for a reason."

maybe it hurts for a reason.