So I have friends who look at Starbucks and see not much more than the epitomy of American production and consumerism.   

This week I certainly did my fair bit to contribute to that consumerism.

I drive by the Starbucks on the corner  of 5th and Main most mornings.   And I see people sitting and drinking.   I see people reading and drinking.  I see people talking and drinking.  I see people stopping.  I see people being.  I see people looking.   I see people listening.  I see people sharing.   And all because of this little Starbucks that sits on the corner of Main St.   I see people not only nurturing the thirsts of their body but I see people nurturing the thirsts of their soul.

So i can’t help but wonder now at the end of this week that all those Starbucks cups that fill my waste basket in my office are a sacrament.  The outward and visible sign that this week, I sat with people.  I listened.  I shared.   I prayed. I stopped. I didn’t worry about my to do lists.  I spent time with people who matter, whose pain matters, whose joy matters, whose restlessness matters.    

People matter.   Pain matters.  Life matters.   

And so perhaps, too Starbucks, matters.   

Incidentally Andrea pointed out something to me yesterday about the classic Starbucks paper cups that I’d never noticed before.   Upon each cup is written words that tend to our hearts, to our spirits, to our souls.  So even Starbucks gets that they coffee is much more than a money-making enterprise. Even the cup matters.   And providing a place for sharing the cup matters even more.