Messy Mornings

Some mornings I just need to be a mess. 

Of course that being said, being a mess for me, still includes a dusted and hoovered home.   

But some mornings I just need to have no alarm beeping; no to do lists posted; no appts to make.

Some mornings I just need to stay in my pajamma’s and not put on any make-up.

Some mornings I need to go back to my bed and curl up under my duvet.   Some mornings I just need to move slowly.

And then some mornings, like this morning, I looked down and realized I needed something more. I needed help.   I needed to share a coffee with a friend – a girly one – while indulging in a pedicure .   I needed a little beauty in this mess.  The feet were looking a little rough (and my guess is that it wasn’t just the feet that were a little rough).

So now I have pretty toes.   And so does Cynthia.  We’re a pretty mess, now. 

It’s always so interesting to me how pretty my toes look after I leave the nail salon because no matter how hard I try, I just can’t make them look that pretty – and believe me I try – I have all the kit,kat and kaboodle for home-pedicures.   

So today I can’t help but wonder, if that isn’t the case with most of life’s messes.   We just can’t make them pretty ourselves – we can try, but it’s just not quite on the same par.   Some days all we can do is sit in the chair and offer our toes to the Maker and let Him make something pretty out of them. 

I kinda like my days off.   I kinda like being mess.  I kinda like sitting in the chair and letting God paint something pretty of my mess.