So sorting through my email this morning at the office, Bugs dissappeared for a moment  to return with a surprise for me: an XL chocolate chip cookie still wrapped in plastic that more than tripled the size of his grin.   He was quite pleased with himself.  And honestly, I was quite pleased with him, because all too often he sometimes chooses to surprise me with chipmunks, birds and other little creatures instead – I’ll take the cookie anyday.   

So I’m thinking about surprises.  Surprises that just make you smile. 

Surprises that just pop around the corner.   For Grey’s fans it’s like McSteamy walking through the bathroom door in the final moments the other week.   Surprises like the little fox I found sitting outside my bedroom window a while back.  Surprises that somehow carry the message of hope.

And let’s not forget good ol’ Columbus — what a guy — what a surprise Sunday to be reminded that I had yesterday off.   nice. nice surprise. a sigh of relief surprise.   

Even the nuisance of paying bills on my "bonus" day-off that ushers the surprise of finding a check left from my birthday which then brings the dawning realization that I could replace my ipod.

Surprises.   the unexpected, it can be good.   

And last night: driving (and running late) to a meeting in rural Rutherford County … the surprise to turn my head and behold a blanket of white dots covering a cotton field resting in the vesper light of a purple, red, orange and pink sky.   Surprises that take your breath away.   

Surprises that remind you that there really is more to this life than meets the eye.   

Surprises that point to the larger story being told. 

Surprises that give us ground to stand on through the unexpectants that leave puddles of tears. 

Surprises that remind you that life is good.   

And that whether it be in a puddle of tears or a field of cotton, God is still good.