more Thursday night Therapy

This week, though, it was courtesy of The Fray (and Aqualung) – ok and Kristi who gave me the ticket as a birthday present (I love extended birthdays).   

First off, all they were incredible to watch.  Something very cool about those 5 guys on that stage – as if they were still loving it as much as when they were playing in a garage – something very cool about jumping up and down, singing, clapping to live music resonating through the Ryman Auditorium.  Something very good about standing in a place of life.  standing in a place of healing.   

This morning David called and left me a message.   He’d asked for a playlist last week so I endulged.  And this morning he was reveling in one of the tunes on the list.   Earlier this week, Christy (the doc) asked me to help get her set up on an ipod.   My friend, Cindy is still going on about her ipod and how it helps her to live life as a pilgrim. And come to think of it another friend came by this week to set up his new ipod as well.   

What is it about music.   What is it that leads us to carry it around with us.  What is it about it that leads us to dance, to sing, to heal, to carry on, to love, to cry, to stop, to listen, to feel.   

I still don’t think I fully grasp the depth to which music reaches.   It’s universal call.  It’s power.  It’s divine nature.   

It makes me think that maybe as CS Lewis imagines in the Magician’s Nephew that maybe, just maybe, this world was actually sung into being… 

And maybe that’s why we continue to seek and find good music … to find words that speak our hearts… tunes that carry our spirits…   maybe our love of music is yet another sacrament that marks our search for the song that still plays at the heart of this world;  Our search for the rhythm that helps keep us in step with our Maker and Keeper;  Our search for the song we’ve been given to sing;

So thank you to those 5 guys last night who reminded me of the music that still haunts our world and our souls.