So it wasn’t just me.

So….it wasn’t just me Thursday night at the Fray.

Scurrying about Friday, I got stuck in the Drive-thru line, at Walgreens. I was tapping my fingers, when my favorite little words start ringing ("if I just lay here…..") as my phone starts vibrating. 

It’s Andrea.

I confess, that my first thoughts were, "She’s lost the what to bring list for the weekend," or "She doesn’t know what time to be at church."  But instead, I get "Sally, can I tell you something weird.  You know last night at the concert, when the band had stopped playing, and they stopped singing, and it was just the crowd repeating the chorus of  How to Save a Life.  And the band just stood there, listening to us.  Well, I was thinking, it was really cool with all those different voices singing the same song.   It wasn’t even that everybody was in tune, but we were singing the same words.  And I was thinking that that’s how life should be.   We all should be singing together.  It may sound different, but it’s the same song.  There was something very cool, very holy about that moment.  Like that is the way God intended life to be."

So….it wasn’t just me.