Wear white. Buy red.

So today is the fourth GLOBAL White band day (hence, today is the day to wear white).   Across the world millions of people will show their support for the fight against poverty by wearing a white band and in doing Bgwhiteband_1so will call on world leader to do more to eradicate poverty.    www.makepovertyhistory.org  And it’s not just people that can wear white bands …   

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www.data.org  Know more.   Because I think half the problem is that we don’t know how the rest of the world lives.  We don’t know enough.   

I’ve decided to assume that extreme poverty continues to exist not because of apathy but because we don’t know.  I like to believe in the goodness of people.   And good people can’t ignore the data on poverty. 

And I happen to think that the church needs especially to know more –  Because the church is nothing more and nothing less than a group of people who have chosen to live the way of Jesus and as a part of that choice, come together regularly.   And I don’t understand how anyone who lives the way of Jesus could possibly ignore the poverty that exists in this world.   But off that soap box … wear white today.  actually wear white tomorrow as well.   wear white.   

P5b_1  But now not only should we wear white BUT we should buy RED as well.  P1b

One of my kids walked away from our retreat this weekend with "hope" she said.  Hope that death isn’t the end of the story.   There is hope in this world.   Hope that comes from "the power of God working through the hearts of people."

white.   red.   hope for this world.

God counting on the hearts of his people, all his people.