I love trees.

Especially when they are the perfect shade of greenorangeredpink.    I am reminded of how beautiful this world is this time of year in Nashville, TN. 

And today I added to the beauty of this world. I added beauty to the world while making plans for myself (we’re still celebrating the little plans in lifeTreesmall_1 while praying for discernment on the biggish ones) … I bought a ticket home for Christmas;  a ticket to England. 

I hit purchase for my ticket and it gave me this fantastic option of planting a tree!!!!  How cool is that.   I get a ticket home for Christmas and I get to plant a tree.  OK so it was at an additional charge. And it didn’t exactly say that I was actually planting a tree but it did say I was contributing to the beauty of the world and planting a tree sounds much better than helping stop "global warming" and counteracting the emissions that my transatlantic flight will produce.    

But whatever you call it, I was really chuffed (and still am really pleased with myself) that I could do something good for the world today; something beautiful.

I planted a tree.  And I will be a "Terra-Pass" carrier as I fly. 

I love trees.   I could write a book on why I love trees.   Hah! And today I planted one and made plans to be home for Christmas.