Postcards from Alaska


God is Awake

-Victor Hugo.

At 13 below, it’s fair to say it’s cold.  Even the Alaskans – ok my friends who live here, says it’s cold.  But I’ve decided despite the fact that it takes me 10 minutes to prepare to go outside because of the long underwear; multiple pairs of socks; snow boots; scarfs; gloves (sometimes multiple pairs of gloves, too); hats; and oversize coats and after all that preparation, I’m still cold … I like the cold.   

It’s awakening (sometimes like a slap in the face – but awakening none the less).  No sleeping here in Fairbanks (couldn’t even take a nap today cause my nose was so cold). 

After three days in Alaska I’m awake.  And everytime I look around at this winter wonderland remniscient of Narnia I’m convinced (I’m not sure I could ever get tired of seeing snow on the trees ), I remember that God, too is awake.   

God is awake and on the move. 


And that in and of itself, makes the cold so worth it.