More Postcards.


So this is fantastic — it’s my favorite time of day all day in Fairbanks.   

The time of day where the light is soft and warm and gentle.  You can move through the long shadows all day long.

It takes about 3 hours for the sun to set (starts about 1pm).  It takes about 3 hours for the sun to rise.  Christy (along with Kyle – who rocks, incidentally – God has done good, real good for my oldest and dearest friend – what a great man.) was joking the other day  that everything moves slowly in Fairbanks.   Service in restaurants is slow.   House calls for repairs and maintenance take longer than it "should."   Even the airport runs slow (it’s not a big enough airport; there aren’t enough planes landing simultaneously for it to take as long as it does to get your baggage).  Apparently, nothings happens fast in Fairbanks, apparently.

But I like it.  I like it alot.   Not only is my favorite time of day extended enormously and for all intensive purposes lasts all day.  But as crazy as it may sound, in this place where the day rapidly shrinks (6 minutess a day) and anxiety somewhat increases to make the most of the light, some how there seems me to more time in Fairbanks.  More time for baggage to arrive; for food to be served; for calls to be made.  More time for the sun to set; more time for the sun to rise.

I like this, "more time." 
I like this pace. 
I like that it takes 3 hours for the sun to rise. 
I  like how it slows me down. 
I like how life here in Alaska seems to listen and respond to the world that grows them.   how life here seems to beat in rhthym with the Giver of Life.   I like how I am pulled back in sync with my Creator, my Redeemer, my Restorer.   

A 3 hour sun rise — everyone should try it.

"Step out of the traffic and take a long, loving look at me, your God…"  – Psalm 46:10 (The Message)