And Speaking of Grace

So Janey Grace (my neice who is just about 1 years old) was over last night.   

She’s such a sweet and tender soul that exudes Grace. Perhaps in part because she was born within two weeks of Dad dying.   

Somehow though, she takes care of me as I take care of her.   I still don’t quite get how it works out that way, but it does.   The Year of Grace, and of Janey Grace-  my gentle, sweet reminder of the Grace and Life still to come.   

Just as it seems the world is falling around you.  The one thing you know is the one thing that guides you.  It’s deep in your soul, it’s waits in the wings to take everything.  And I’m calling you.  I’m calling you…   I’m calling, I’m calling, I’m calling you.

The images fade, the voice loses tone, the memories shared are the last ones to go. You’re fighting to keep them, you’re screaming inside.  But the darkness sets in and there’s no where to hide.  And I’m calling you... I’m calling you.  I’m calling, I’m calling, I’m calling you.

One life ends and another begins. The words that they use just complicate things.  There’s no way to say it without sounding sincere,but I’ll keep you, I’ll need you for all of my years.  And I’m calling you… I’m calling you.  I’m calling, I’m calling, I’m calling you   

-Matthew Chambers, November 18th, 2005