My four legged friend.


so this evening, I was so wiped out from the last few days that I just couldn’t even muster the strength to "fix" something to eat let alone "cook."  And couple that with the realization that somehow I hadn’t eaten since my bowl of cereal this morning at 8am, I ordered pizza – thincrust with plenty of veggies.   

After we’d finished, I realized something – you know your four legged friend is really part of the family when instinctively you save him the last two tiny pieces of pizza.   Alas many would disapprove I realize (especially the vets out there) but today he had to stay home (normally he comes to church and shares my work with me).  It was a very long and hard – though somehow still bright and beautiful – day and so it seemed only natural to share my pizza with my faithful, four-legged companion.   

Gotta love me and my dog — me and Bugs!