To the grave.

I’ve worked in the church for almost 15 years now in one way, shape, form or another.  I’ve befriended those that love her and would go down for her.  I’ve befriended those that dislike her and have a slight bitter taste in their mouth from her.   

As I look through history (mine and the book kind), I am the first to admit that on many days the church misses the boat; the church as a whole and as a community of people, goof up and get it sometimes wrong.   She tries.  They try.  We try. It’s fair to say that the church is made up of faithful people trying to find God; believe in God and follow God.  But still we fall and therefore she falls short.   

That being said,  today the Church had one of her most glorious moments.  Today the church got it right.   Today in particular, the community gathered at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Franklin, TN hit the nail on the head

Bob told me of a conversation he’d had with the family absolutely besotten at their loss.   It concluded with him lovingly offering the suggestion to just trust us; to let us, i.e. the church, do what we do well.   

And today we lived up to Bob’s promise, we did church well. 

"yet even at the grave we make our song, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia."   

-from the Requiem in the BCP

And with tears streaming and noses sniffling, following the lead of our rector, the church mustered up it’s strength today to sing those Alleluia’s at the grave of a wife, friend, mother, grandmother, a "humphy," piano teacher; to sing for their beloved.    Not because their hearts wanted to sing "alleluia" (far from it) but because the life we were commending to God, was worthy of such a strong and beautiful song.   

So the church did good today.   She may miss the mark on some days.  But today she sang the alleluia she has been called to sing; the alleluia the world yearns to hear. the alleluia I personally as one of those faithful people who keep on trying, needed to sing.

alleluia.  alleluia.   alleluia.