Lost days.  Lost post.   Ughhh.

So yes … after receiving some gest for lackof blogging over the weekend… I wrote… I posted… and then

I lost it.  the server went down.   And I lost my post.

Funnily enough my lost post was actually on lost days

my friend mark this morning asked in gest if I had lost some days.   He was referring to my lack of posts on my blog.   But I being Sally thought long and hard (for a few minutes) about the question…

Had I actually, in fact lost some days?

And my answer:  yes.   

So now I’ve lost a post and days.

Lost days.   Lost January — where did it go.  I got back from England… had a few days … attended the Princeton Forums … had friends in grief… planned a retreat… led a retreat… and then the cold came — the cold that just never ended.   Famine season began.   And now February is here.  Yes, I’ve lost some days — like an entire month. 

So now I’m crazy nuts trying to catch up because of lost days. 

So Mark and I wonder, if anyone out there has a patent for how to recover lost days, please let us know.  We’d really like to try it out. 

My lost post similarly I’m guessing, is a lost cause.

I’m certainly glad though, that regardless of days lost,

life is still to be found. 

And actually so is LOST — LOST can be found again Wednesdays on ABC.   There just might be a sermon somewhere in all this lost business!