So I love winter.   I love the cold.   

I don’t love to be cold.  I love to be snuggly warm.   I love scarfs, I love warm wooly, fleecey jumpers, I love gloves, I love boots.   

But I’ve realized part of what I love about the cold is the staying warm inside.  it’s the staying warm.  it’s the looking through the window with a fire blazing beside you.   And I like it.   

But as much as I love to bundle up and walk outside with Bugs even in the cold.   I figured out last night (thanks to a letter – a real letter – from an old, dear friend) that I love winter because I love to hibernate.   It’s the season of hibernation.   I love to stay home, stay warm, curl up under a blanket, hang with Bugs, read, watch movies, light candles, listen to music.   Hibernate.   Creation does it.   And low and behold, Sally does it, too. 

I hibernate.  I am hibernating right now.  My season of hibernation.   

And I was thinking this morning – hibernation is necessary for life.   hibernation is necessary for me and my life.   The pioneers of the faith – and my spiritual heroes – call it the holy habit of solitude.   I like hibernation better.  And that’s not to say that I’m connected to people in hibernation modeI suppose I"m just a bit more particular about where and when I connect.   

This morning, I realized I was enjoying hibernation so much that I didn’t want the cold to end.   

So alas who knows what will spring forth in a month or two (or next week given that I live in Nashville, TN where the seasons change on a weekly basis)…

… but for now

all is well.   

I’m hibernating.