A new hero.

May sorrows exist in this world, and one of the greatest is being unable to help those in pain.

-Oromis  from Eldest

hmmm I think of my parents.  I think of the Famine season and plight of the poor.   I think of my friend Cindy’s question yesterday about what to do with a homeless man that resides near her work.   I think of my neighbor Anne who could so very easily end up like Cindy’s question.   And what can I do?   I cannot heal this world’s pain.  For that matter I cannot even heal my own pain.   

But still we keep on, doing what little we can to at least be present in each other’s pain and in this world’s pain.   And we lift our eyes to the life waiting for us beyond the pain.   

What I still don’t get – and not sure I ever will this side of the pain – is why some seem to have more than their fair share of pain.   

A great part of hibernation is reading!  My new hero and friend in the world of fiction: Eragon.  If only I had a dragon…