Just Across the River.

so here I am in Cincinnati.   a quick break from life and work in Nashville.

But actually Cincinnati is just across the river.   I’m staying near the Cincinnait Airport which funnily enough is located in Kentucky.   Just across the river from Cincinnati.

Today we’re crossing the river.  Over one of the great bridges that span the Ohio River.  Camera in hand.  In attempt to capture once again the holy ground that lies across the river.   

Up to Mt Adams – a high peak, overlooking the entire greater Cincinnati area (river and all) – one of my favorite childhood places to visit because of the view.  There’s just something about being up high – about seeing everything – puts life in perspective – enlarges our vision, literally.   Today though it’s the place from which I can most easily view the sacred space … most easily and most readily try and fit it in the larger picture; the larger view.    From up high I can see the fire escape upon which I sat and looked beyond the hills (Mt Adams).  All of me crying for mercy while knowing deep within that the end was nearing and I would not look beyond these hills from this place again.

It’s so strange – to be so close yet still not there.   so close to the other side of the river but yet still so far away.   And even today as we cross the river and find our way up to Mt Adams and down to mum’s beloved market … and still she’s so close yet so far away. …and dad, too, still trying to articulate his presence in this place, in this life and across the river… so close yet even further away. 

but isn’t this what death is?… crossing the river… life on the other side.   life across the river.  living so close yet so far away.   

Here more than anywhere else on earth … I know that paradox of death and life – that dichotomy – that incomprehensible pain

mum, she’s so close yet she’s so far away… just across the river.