It’s amazing to me how little it takes to totally set me off kilter — to knock my equilibrium off balance.   And then everything seems out of control.   Too much on the plate.  Too much swirling around.  The world spinning around me seemingly quite thrilled at tossing things out that still need attention, that still need to be done; all as I’m trying to keep my footing.

Of course my favorite part of this natural phenomenon – I don’t even realize I’m off balance, equilibrium knocked, until the world is already spinning and I’m staggerring about barely holding my ground.  HAH! Gotta love life.

This morning though — it was snowing.   And the birds were out at my window.   And Bugs was paying much attention to me — And God seemed to say: … just notice the little things … the calming things, the beautiful things, the essential things, the warming things: like snow and cardinals and all shall be well again.   you shall steady and find your equilibrium again.

so I bought dog food on the way to church AND a bag of bird seed.   

Now we just have to keep on hoping that the snow will settle.