My new thing

It’s funny – Mum never came here but I’m here again. 

I’m not even sure it was around when she was alive. 

But somehow the Frothy Monkey keeps her near. 

Maybe cause Cam and I walked here on her birrthday.

Maybe cause she loved a good latte (hers loaded with enormous amounts of brown sugar).

Maybe cause in her last year we spent so much time at Wild Oats, eating organic, trying anything natural that might help heal … and even the coffee here seems "good for you."   

Maybe cause they sell the "food juices" that we used to buy in hopes of increasing a decreasing caloric intake especially when the mouth sores were at their height.  

Maybe cause it’s eccentric and quaint.

Maybe cause I can sit at the table and look out at the trees and see them wave, like they did as we scattered her ashes.

Maybe cause I would bring her here.

Funny isn’t it?  You just never know when or where the gate to heaven will open, shrinking the space between us.

So this is my new thing … hanging out at Frothy Monkey.

It’s a healing thing. 

It’s a restorative thing. 

It’s a beautiful thing. 

Like the tulips that sit on the table … tulips perfectly shaded betwen pink and purple…   

maybe it’s not really a "new thing"  but it’s a "nice thing."