synchronized fishing

so I thought the fox that ran past my bedroom window this morning was good – untoppable.   which on the side, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the reason I haven’t seen any rabbits in a long time is because I’m seeing a fox… ok let’s no go there, that’s not a happy thought. 

ok back to the post at hand and a happier thought: two geese performing sychronized fishing for me and Bugs as we watched from this bench at Radnor Lake … now that was GOOD!!  that was hysterical in fact.   Their little white bellies and brown tails sticking straight up in the air – and then their little feet pushing them round in circles — iN SYNC, I kid you not.  Up and down and round in circles in SYNC.The olympic synchronized swim teams have nothing on these guys!  I was so entertained.   so very entertained.   I wish I had a camera. 

This week a friend sat in my office and said that he wanted to know (not just think) that there was a God …  today on that bench watching those geese, I not only knew there was a God (in Radnor I’m surrounded by such knowledge) but I knew God, himself through his humor.

And this afternoon – we laughed our heads off at this crazy world!