be careful what you say

or in my case what you write.

I write.  I post.  But I don’t really know who reads it.  who checks it.  I just write because it’s good for me to write.

And then every once in a while someone says something that reminds "oh yea people do read what I write."   

So remember back last weekend my desire to be a bit more like my brother when it comes to rest?  yeah … it kinda came back at me because someone read my blog.  So I’m haning out last week with a dear young friend and she goes (like only an 8th grader can) "so sally, did you rest this week?  have you rested?"   Talk about a kick in the rear.   Of course I hadn’t – I had work to do.   And then she goes on to say she had read my blog about my brother and how I needed to rest.   I laughed to myself.  Little did I know how prophetic my young friend would be.   

So, know what I did on Saturday — I had this cough and this cold that wouldn’t go away … so I literally spent the day watching movies.   The Brave Little Toaster; Friends with Money (wierd); One Night with the King (fabulous) and The Holiday (hopeful and healing).   I walked Bugs and I went out and bought cough stuff.    I, Sally Chambers, watched four movies in one day and did nothing off a "to-do" list – – granted I was sick and coughing up a lung … but still I RESTED.   

So I was telling my friend Cynthia yesterday about my Saturday — and she goes "you pulled a matthew."   (that would be my brother).   

HAH!!!!  People read my blog and connect it back to life … see writing is a good thing, in more ways than one.