the senses

I walked Bugs today at lunch and I could smell spring.

I’d forgotten how much I love the smell of spring. 

who needs perfume when you have spring?

so I was thinking I could re-write one of my favorite Psalms for today …  smell and see that God is good. 

It makes breathing all the better – all the holier – when you breathe the smell of spring.  and to breathe is to pray according to the pioneers of the faith.

And it makes walking outside all the better – all the more calming and restorative – when you breathe the smell of spring.   Because it is in God that we live, we move, we have our being.   

I’m so glad that God knows how to get my attention – by making mass appeals to my senses. 

I confess though that it doesn’t hurt either that at every turn I seem to find another cherry blossom tree springing into life. (or at least what I think are cherry blossoms – I don’t always get my flowers; trees, blooms and bushes by the right name).