Stormy Nights

the storm within the dark of my house

tossing on a sea of restless waves… or on a bed of quilted waves.   

restless indeed. disturbed.  about what?  I’m not so sure.  Though this storm seemed beyond me – literally.   Or maybe deep within me.   a storm, a fight for me? 

I sit up…  clammy, startled, unsettled.    My head banging.

with some sips of water, some deep breaths, I like back down. Closing my eyes I remember, I’m not drowning in this stormy night, I’m ok, I’m not in this boat alone.

the window is cracked, the world peeps in, the birds are singing, a gentle breeze rests over me, the sun is rising, my faithful four legged friend’s head resting on the side of the bed looking at me – waiting for me to open my eyes.

the calm after the storm.

is there any greater peace.

resting in that calm, all is well.   all shall be well.   I am well.