who she is

It’s been a summer of contemplating who I am.    I have the greatest of honor of walking along side a group of seniors who are also contemplating who they are and therefore where do they go from here…  Teenagers make-up some of the most incredible people I know.   Here’s a sampling from one…

I am an unfortunate piece of haggis on a fresh morning in Scotland.
I have rafted raging rapids during a tye-dye sunset.
In seventh grade, I exhausted the library book supply.
I am the strokes of a brush covered in paint.
I have marooned myself because of the tide, completely in my own dream world.
Bogs have overcome my rain boots, and fuzzy sheep have kidnapped my socks.
I learned about the tea cozy by putting it on my head, wondering about the extra openings.
I am the kid in class who always asks why, even when the answer is just because.
I am a kinetic learner who needs experiences to make connections.
I am newly developed and ever changing. I am like a new-born calf finding his legs to stand.