what is truth?

Been wondering lately: what is truth?

Is truth subjective? objective? I mean everyone sees things differently.   So does the same truth look different depending on how you look at it?

What is truth?

I can be brutally honest sometimes and at other times not honest enough.  
Is honesty, truth?

I try to stand up for truth.   I try to speak truth.   I try to live by truth.   But do I? am I?

Truth can hurt but truth also sets us free.
Truth can heal but truth can also tear people apart.

To not tell the truth is to hide. 
To tell part of the truth is to slide.

A lie protects because the truth can be harsh. 
And indeed, truth sometimes seems to make things worse.

I seek the truth but I’m not always sure I want it when I find it.
But truth is something you can’t take back.

I’m not sure that everyone even wants to know the truth. 
And some definitely struggle to handle it once they know it.

One thing for sure: truth calls.
Whether we answer or not is up to us.  
What we do with it, is also up to us.

But all this still begs my question: what is truth?  
and why does it haunt us so?