Free Range beginings

So it’s my first day as a free range chicken.

I had lunch with some other free range chickens.

Bugs came bouncing out of the spare room squeaking his duck toy.   The spare room is  now where most of my office sits in boxes.  Bugs managed to find the box with his basket of toys in it – please note that the basket was under neath several things in the box.

I went to the grocery store and bought a melon and sweet potatoe fries.   I’ve never really bought either before.

Bugs also today helped take the groceries out of the car.   He was on his tie-out, I had taken one load from my car in.  I came out and he had removed a baguette from the car and was carrying it in his mouth.

I didn’t answer my emails.  I didn’t actually answer all my texts.  All return all calls   But I did some.

I held little Abby and remembered that God does his most magnificent work in the dark (in this case the dark of the womb).

I sat on the couch watching a movie with a glass of wine, some popcorn, an anxious dog and a Holly.

I remembered that beauty invites, beauty comforts, beauty heals so I bought the latest People Magazine of the sexiest men alive.   Humor helps too.