Wait ’till you see me smile…

It’s been an interesting week – almost surreal.   Somehow it’s even more interesting to me that today is Thanksgiving – the word on facebook, the word on twitter, the word on text, the word on everyone’s lips is thankful.   And in a world of want, want, want, it’s refreshing – it’s good to actually be “full” especially of thanks.

I was walking Bugs this morning and I came across a tree – the same tree I pass every morning and every evening.  But the tree seemed different.   The red leaves seemed deeper, richer, darker.   In fact, I was mesmerized by how many shades of red, orange, yellow and even green this tree bore.   I stood and just looked at it for a while, smiling.   Beauty, color, life had caught my attention and held me captive in that moment.   And it was good.   And I was thankful, hence the smile running from cheek to cheek and the light gleaming from my eyes.

I spent an afternoon at the art museum, this week with a couple of my favorite people.   Some of the paintings by Degas, Renoir and Monet did exactly the same thing as that tree: they drew me in.   They invited a smile.  They drew out of me  light.   And as I turned to move on to the next one, I was thankful.

Yesterday I heard a pretty cool guy, Dan Allender say that worship is being called, drawn and captivated by beauty to simply respond with “thanks.”

Watching the leaves dance on my patio, as I write, “thanks.”
Making butternut squash fries last night in the presence of dear company, “thanks.”
Walking through the market overrun with turnip greens in a season of browns, “thanks.”
Meeting a goat farmer and discovering Gouda Goat Cheese, “thanks.”
Serving meatballs with sauce made from summer tomatoes to some of my favorite people, “thanks.”
Living with my four legged friend and his humorous anecdotes which included finding rice in a box yesterday, “thanks.”
Seeing colors in deeper and richer and divergent hues, “thanks.”
Having someone to thank, “thanks.”

I believe life to be both epic and intimate.   I love the epic moments: I could stand on the edge of a bluff looking out into the sea, day in and day out.    I’d take an adventure on any given day.   I have no doubt that I’m living in an “epic” time but this week, I’m thankful that this world is designed beyond epic moments and beyond our sight to the most intimate of atoms.   Because when “epic” times make no sense, the intimate details keep me, at least, smiling and saying “thanks.”

So here’s to beauty in all of its shapes, forms, colors and designs.   And to the light, smiles, warmth and thanks she inspires.   Here’s to today.