another place

Fiery Gizzard, Grundy County, TN.

Wrestling with nature, the human and wild kind.
wrestling in another place and another time.
Pushing against rocks.  Climbing up.  Climbing down.
Drinking deep. Lying hard.  Cooling off. Dripping beads
Both Bugs and I.
Cries for ground of streams of true crash through

White blooms in the middle of overgrown bush and thicket.
Wild flowers hanging hope from trees, suspended in air.
Let me see flowers, white in the expanse of greens.  Let me be color among that which is wild and overgrown.
Cry for hanging bits of hope in disarray.

The fallen tree.   The uprooted tree.  The struck tree. The broken tree.
now a bridge from one world to the other.
now a way across crashing waters and rocky drops .
Make me a bridge for others to cross over.
Make me a bridge to join the sides.  

The syncopated thuds, I know I’m alive
the rush of water, the heaviness of breath, the hardness of rock, the different air.
Rush through me, around me, over me and under me.
Smooth me, shape me, cool me, undo me.
Beneath the shaded canopy, catching the glistening dust
I play again
wonder again
adventure again:
first with my body, then with my mind.
My heart, I pray, does not lag too much behind.