The Promised Land

I’m a lover of words.   But I’m also a lover of images, pictures, photos and movies because I know sometimes words aren’t enough.   I know that sometimes as trite as it may sound,  a picture really does paint a thousand words.

So today, thanks to my dear friend and teacher, Nita, I painted my new landscape.   Well I didn’t really do that much painting – glue-ing and wax-ing and tearing and layering over-arched the “painting” bit but I do have paint on my fingers still:   The residue of my prayers today in an art studio on the top floor of this old house next to a railroad.

I was playing with other words in my head as created:  Strength.   Heart.   Courage.   and this fantastic quote that called us pilgrim types to “ramble on.”  But only two words made my art.   two words, a tree, three flowers, a bird, a horizon and lots of texture.

so welcome to my new landscape – my new reality – the promised land I’m living into – a land I’m just beginning to see.  a land captured and articulated better with color and texture than prose and drawings.

Cross the Jordan with me, please?

Ramble and Rest:   the depth of which I have just begun to explore.

Hello Promised Land.