lightly and freely

Over 1/2 a million birds live in the “sanctuary” off Brempton Cliffs.   If it weren’t for the beastly North Sea wind, I could have just watched them all day:

The way they nested in the rocks.   The way lived together on these cliffs yet each their own space (i.e. nest).   The way they loved (beaking – I think it’s called).  They way they flew.  They  way they used the updraft of the wind to hover.  The way they dove to the water and soared back up.  The way they glided.

Freely and lightly, they live– I think they’ve gotten something right.

Freely and lightly … they are my words on this journey – they are my words right now in life.   I haven’t found too much sadness, too much hardness, too much grief even as I pilgrim through … instead only more freedom and more light.

freely and lightly… just like the birds.

oh did I mention the Puffins … lovely!  so very lovely!!!!!!