sensory overload.

I was just thinking this morning that part of what happens when I come to England is sensory input overload.

Take for example my beloved sheep.

Oh look at the sheep in that field.  Oh look there’s some in that one.  Oh look there’s some here.   Look there’s some on the side of the road.   Ahhhh the lamb is on the other side of the road.   And so it continues.

Do I see the beauty and know the joy of the sheep everywhere – absolutely but being the mystic that I am, I don’t seem to have the time to soak up the beauty and joy and love of one sheep next to one stone wall in the greenest of green field below heathered moors  before I find the next one.

Sensory input overload.  Granted, the fact that I find excitement in the smallest of things, perhaps doesn’t help this overload.

One of my favorite English past times is to stroll through the supermarket or along a street of shops.   Thing is, everything looks so delicious and different and joyous (childhood memories come flooding back) that I don’t even know where to start nevertheless what to buy.

Sensory input overload.

I suppose it’s the same with my family (not that I’d change this for the world).  I see everyone in a one week window (this time I had a week and a half ) after not seeing them in a year and in some cases not having spoken to them in a year.   Again I wouldn’t do it differently.  But for me who is a “quality time” girl, Sensory Input Overload.   And for me the “mystic,” not much time to process or listen or reflect before I’m moving on to spend what quality time I can with the next family member.

All this to say, as this journey winds down, I’m beginning to listen for the voices that spoke along the way, I’m  savoring the moments of profundity, I’m looking for the recurrent patterns and I’m putting pen to paper (or finger to key).

So much for my grand ideas of writing as I go.  Somewhat glad for the long journey home.

Make my home as full of life and stimulation, as the peaks, walls, villages, sheep, people and supermarkets here.