life is

I’ve been a fan of the “life is good” paraphernalia for years.

I happened to walk past a whole store of “life is good” yesterday and in the window was the magic word: SALE.    Immediately the justification begins: oh I’ll just have quick look.  Fun stuff, fun words, fun pics – all around.

I didn’t buy anything.  Yay me.  But I did notice this: something had changed.   I had changed.   I didn’t need to buy things that said “life is good” anymore.   It was as if I didn’t need to hold tightly to this mantra anymore because something had changed.    “Life is good” was no longer a truth to remember, it was a truth I was living.

I talked to my Grandma last Sunday, as I do most Sundays.   I was telling her of my latest adventure canoeing down the Red River.   And in her perfectly brilliant way, Grandma says: you’ve got something new to tell me every week now.  It’s taken you long enough but you’re finally living.     Only Grandma could say it so bluntly and yet so lovingly.    Life is good.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t before.   At the heart, life is good.  Because her Creator is good.   Regardless of how we experience her, the truth exists beyond our experience.  It’s what makes it truth.  So life is good even when our vision gets cloudy, stormy, busy, stressful and blurry.

But speaking of the tornadic and pressured life, while I was in Jake’s House, I decided I’d look for a present for my Godson’s first birthday.   I found the baby things and fell in love with a new-old thought.

Life isn’t just good.

Life is wild.

Life can’t be controlled (as much as we’d like to think she can).

Life is beautiful because it’s not kept behind a fence and moat in a zoo

Life is unpredictable.

Life is untrainable.

Life is dangerous.

Life is wild.

But the wildness of life, is what makes life so good.