new music

I got the other night from a friend:  “We’re at the Ryman, are you here?”

With 1398 miles of I-40 between Flagstaff and the Ryman, I wasn’t making the show.   But I did stop and think: what great musical piece de resistance  am I missing?

I love my music.

And I looove my live music.

It’s fair to say that in certain seasons of my life, the title, groupie would not be far fetched.

But tonight in Baderville, Arizona, this concert can’t be beat.

The sun setting behind the peaks is by far the most brilliant LED screen I’ve seen.

The lightening in the distance playing harmony in the monsoon opus, is the best light show ever.

The swing of the hammock chair beats the jump or the jig, regardless of how close Bono might be.

This covered porch, what a view! box seats extraordinaire.

Yesterday the sound of the wind shaking the trees and the grasshoppers’ snapping their click, was amplification on par with any stadium.

And the sweet moans of a one year old falling to sleep? Who can write better lyrics than that.

As my friend texted when I told him where I was: now that’s the best concert ever!