a wandering wonder.

“Not all who wander are lost.” –J.R.R. Tolkien

How did I not know that Tolkien said this?

It’s on my favorite t-shirt.

It’s pink and has my “pilgrim” shoes (i.e. sandals) on it.

It seems even more “pilgrim-e” and profound now that those words have context and an author (and a pretty creative and cool one at that).

Not all who wander are lost.   Wandering but not lost.   I like it.

I like it more knowing the author.

That happens a lot though in my life at least:

a piece of pottery means more when I know the potter that threw it, chiseled it, fired it and glazed it.

a painting means more when I know who held the brush and stroked the colors.

a song means more when I know the poet and story behind the music.

and words means more when I know the heart and pen that composed them.

all that being said reminds me that

the sunset, the stars and my dear four-legged friend lying beside me mean more, when I know their author and creator.

Thankful for wandering.

Thankful for not being lost.

Thankful for knowing where I am.

Thankful for the GPS that recalculates my path when I miss the turn.

Thankful for the mapmaker.