Further Proof


My orchid in theory is supposed to be a “long lasting bloom.”

Well my orchid – the orchid pictured above – had only 3 blooms left at the time of this snapshot.   Now I believe it has only one.

I followed the directions.

Decent, indirect light.

Two ice cubes a week.

Don’t let it sit in its own water.

But still I will be left with two sticks protruding from a square pot by afternoon tomorrow.

Staring at my orchid the other evening, I remembered the darkened truth that life is not linear.

x + y doesn’t always equal z in this world.

The correct amount of light + the right amount of water (i.e. following the directions) does not equal lasting blooms, in the case of my orchid.

Further proof that for as much as we’d (I’d) like it to be so, life is not linear.

I clung to the linear notions of life for many years.

Then I clung to the desire for life to be linear.

But now, I have to say — I really like a dimensional life – life that is full of mystery, color, depth, questions, movement and interdependence.