to picnic

It’s mother’s day.

I had big plans today.

Plans to love even with a hole.

A hole that I am so very aware of in the weeks that lead to this day.

But I know what to do with the hole now.

I love.   I choose to love intentionally.

Love sets the world right

And in loving my fear subsides and the discomfort eases.

So I mailed cards on Thursday.

I mailed cards to a few mom’s I know – mom’s i admire for their mothering.  Mom’s I wanted to love and celebrate

And I made plans for today – plans to take another mom on a picnic to Cheekwood.

I was so excited.  Even with the forecast of rain, my roomie and I were determined to soldier on.

Because we had plans to love on Mother’s Day.

But today it rained – no, it didn’t just rain, it poured.

Bummed –

I was seriously bummed, sitting in the pew this morning.

So much for plans.

But then I remembered.

What are the Chambers known for?

At least in my memory banks – picnics in the rain!

We – along side the Burkinshaws- were notorious for carrying on no matter what the weather and having a good time while we were at it.   My Grandma & Grandad, on mum’s side, may have taught me how to picnic in style but it was the Chambers’ clan – with mum at the center of every party – that taught me how to picnic in the rain –

how to creatively carry on regardless of what pours from the sky,
how to prepare oneself for a change in climate or plans,
how to make games out of old greeting cards, flour and long car rides;
and how blurry is the line between tears and laughter.

It rained today.

My plans were literally washed away with flash flood warnings.

But I’m a Chambers

And I chose to picnic in the rain.

(OK, I chose to picnic around the table and watch the rain from inside).

But, I chose to picnic.

Today is mother’s day.

I’m not a mum.

And my mum isn’t here.

I’m not married so I don’t have a mum-in-law.

But today, even in the rain –

I chose to picnic

and celebrate the beauty of the day – mum or not.