1…2…3… Immerse

Tomorrow I’m going to Arkansas for the first time ever with a little gang of peeps, that I’m really quite fond of.

Arkansas is the land of farms, tornadoes and former President Clinton.

Arkansas also happens to be home to Heifer International’s Global Village.

That’s where we headed.

And as excited as I am to share in the Big  Jubilee Lunch with these dear people at Moe’s Southwestern Grill   – the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is not on the radar for Arkansas (though it will be recording on my DVR).   Celebrating the Jubilee will have to wait until I return because this immersion experience has little to do with royalty and everything to do with poverty.

For 24 hours, we will live and eat like the poor in Thailand, Africa, Appalachia and even refugee camps.   We will have to barter with each other for food.

I’ve never done this sort of full immersion before.  For the stats, I have about how the poor live in this world, this will be the first time I’ve gotten to walk a mile in their shoes.

I know that the world makes enough food for everyone in it.

I guess the question comes on Monday evening as to how do we share what we have in such a way that no one goes hungry.