My choice

Choosing love will open spaces of immense beauty and joy for you, but you will be hurt. You already know this. You have retreated from love countless times in your life because of it. We all have. We have been and will be hurt by the loss of loved ones, by what they have done to us and we to them. Even in the bliss of love there is a certain exquisite pain: the pain of too much beauty, of overwhelming magnificence. Further, no matter how perfect a love may be, it is never really satisfied . . . In both joy and pain, love is boundless.

(Gerald May, The Awakened Heart)

First we were loved and now we love.  (first letter of john from the message)

Freed to love without expectation, without conditional return and without coverse subtexts.  Free to love.  Free to hurt. 

I would have it no other way.

Now I love.