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Laughing and Crying

I did a lot of both the past few days – laughing with friends until my belly hurt and weeping over impossible choices and a very broken world. Sometimes I think I’m so… Continue reading

1…2…3… Immerse

Tomorrow I’m going to Arkansas for the first time ever with a little gang of peeps, that I’m really quite fond of. Arkansas is the land of farms, tornadoes and former President Clinton.… Continue reading

If I had a garden…

If I had a garden, I would plant flowers and things for the deer Because who’s to say that they are in my space or I’m in theirs.     I would plant… Continue reading

to picnic

It’s mother’s day. I had big plans today. Plans to love even with a hole. A hole that I am so very aware of in the weeks that lead to this day. But… Continue reading


Beside Still Waters

“heaven’s in sight…”   -coldplay beside still waters, heaven’s in sight beside still waters, i see deer beside still waters, friends walk by beside still waters, owls are real beside still waters,  color grows… Continue reading

Further Proof

My orchid in theory is supposed to be a “long lasting bloom.” Well my orchid – the orchid pictured above – had only 3 blooms left at the time of this snapshot.   Now… Continue reading

The early birds…

The week in review

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