Me, Myself and I.

I have become a person who is able to sing and write my own name -Wang Ping Fen, Yunan, China.


three weeks ago if you would have asked me the secret to life – a full, content, happy life – I would have said the secret to life is prayer. I have to… Continue reading


Amazing. Incredible. Wow.  The title to my car, can I get three cheers please.  This hugenormous!  Now to quote another hero of mine, the scruffy looking han solo: she’ll hold together. Come on… Continue reading

On an adventure

So proud of my little niece for writing her name and mine. And for associating me with adventures.  Seriously who wouldn’t rather go on an adventure over a walk?  Some adventures include walks… Continue reading

Me, myself and I

Now I become myself. It’s taken time, many years and places. I have been dissolved and shaken, Worn other people’s faces… – may sarton I become myself. My call is not an outward… Continue reading

hope returns.

so this summer “hope” keeps popping up. it might help that it began with a week that involved inviting a group of fabulous young adults to engage in the hope God brings to… Continue reading

reminders of flag.

Adventures in the kitchen.

So this year of adventure? I was thinking the adventures might begin outside? But apparently not because tiles you are about to be “grouted.” And to me I realize staring at the unfinished… Continue reading

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways? -Elizabeth Barrett Browning The hammock swing The porch The Peaks The breeze that blows The prairie dog and bunnies The bicycle rides The wildflowers All contained in this… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Me.

So it may very well be an automated thing without much thought or intention anymore.   But at some point, Snow Patrol must have made a decision to wish their fans happy birthday.   And… Continue reading

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