Snowball Mountain, Sunset

You belong among the wildflowers. -Tom Petty.


This log house sits in a meadow surrounding by mountains. It’s a neighborhood outside of flagstaff. It would be a hardpush to call it a suburb for two reasons: one that might imply… Continue reading

deep breaths

breathing again

After the heat indexes and humidity of Nashvegas the last couple weeks, Flagstaff is literally a breath of fresh air.   It’s crazy how amazing it is to be sitting outside on the porch… Continue reading


I never realize how tired I am until I stop.  I don’t seem to stop until I get on the plane – I was packing up until being picked up.   So I’ve been… Continue reading

Baruch ata Adonai

I remember probably 10 years ago, a hero of mine in the field of youth work told this story of this youth worker in an urban church.   She struggled and struggled there –… Continue reading

Facebook Statuses.

This is for all those folks who see facebooks statuses as meaningless and trite (I know you’re out there, you’ve expressed yourselves to me). From Nita Andrews Facebook status, Tuesday morning. Hope is… Continue reading

Out my window

So  someone got me thinking this morning… We live on the created world.  We live next to it.  We fly above it.  We ride on wheels over it. We live sheltered from it. … Continue reading

I will sing a new song…

so we have a new song we’re singing in the family. I really think it’s one of my new favorite things. I love that every time we sit down to eat, we sing.… Continue reading

YRG Life.

So, today was pretty AWESOME! We started off the day with pancakes and ended it in a good, competitive game of 9 square. It was exciting as ever. Specifically, my YRG helped build… Continue reading

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