poetic peace

Today is MY Mother’s Day … Today is my Mum’s day.   Perhaps it’s healing, perhaps it’s time, perhaps it’s Sally’s typical creative subversion –I don’t know what it is, but I find it… Continue reading

Two Strikes

A freak storm hit Brentwood trace yesterday. I suppose logically I know it must have struck elsewhere but I haven’t seen the wrenching effects elsewhere yet. Staring at the tree that’s been hit… Continue reading

martian on earth.

I’m chillaxing  in the Philly airport still waiting for my connection (well as much chillaxing is possible in a busy airport and amidst a very long, mad day of travel). Not too long… Continue reading

The Priory

the gates are wide open today

a post from pilgrimage …  more blogs from The Pilgrim’s Way: http://www.stepoutofthetraffic.com The Gates are Wide Open Today Grace Oberholtzer There are some places, I’ve found, that defy words.  Their beauty is too… Continue reading

Life? Narnia?

Is there much of a difference? On so many days, life feels like such a battle!

back to small things.

my spiritual director this week, the brilliant sage that he is suggested that I needed to exercise more daily – ironic given that I do tend to walk more everyday that many folks… Continue reading

Hands On Recovery Day

I get now why flash flood warnings set off my weather radio as well as tornado and severe storms. I also get that I should probably pay attention to those flash flood warnings… Continue reading

singing on

a song for music city: an old favorite that found new meaning today when it came on in the car. Best part was that the live version I went looking for, actually has… Continue reading


everyday I put love on the line.   there is nothing I am less good at than love.  I am far better in competition than in love.   Yet, I decide everyday to set aside… Continue reading

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