after the flood.

it’s a strange day —  wonder if Noah et. al. felt life to be a little surreal once the sun and colors came back out.   It’s so surreal because what I see here… Continue reading

a little tlc

For the shady grove that covered For the blanket that held a tribe For the trees that waved and encircled For the single rose that bloomed For the hand that held on tight.… Continue reading

the post-op classroom

I’ve decided that it’s not that I don’t “do” pain (see earlier post-op post) .. it’s that I feel pain.   I used to numb pain, hide pain, run from pain.   But… Continue reading

Post-Op breathing

At least that’s what I thought I sounded like before I realize that it was the result of more air actually able to pass through my nasal passages. Yippee for my nose job… Continue reading

post-op thoughts

There is a new normal in my head.   I’m somewhat hoping that some of it isn’t here to stay.   But today is adjustment to the new head day. Today comes after… Continue reading

50 days

so I seem to be running a little behind these days – yesterday I ran about  15 minutes late all day – no joke.    So since I’m only just getting to Easter,… Continue reading


I’m beginning to realize that the homeless are America’s current second class citizens.    I find the thought really unsettling.   I would really have hoped that with all of the advances of… Continue reading

the paschal triduum

unavoidably thinking about easter…

I’m so good at staying present – at least liturgically – that I’m having a hard time this week not being focused on holy week because the 13th is looming… much still to… Continue reading

going with the flow, literally.

Gracious rain, fall on us. Gracious rain, bring color. Gracious rain, bud flowers. Gracious rain, grow leaves. Gracious rain, calm the buzz of spring. Gracious rain, flow through our world. Gracious rain, water… Continue reading

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