Life is pain…

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.  – Westley in the Princess Bride. I never liked that moment in the Princess Bride.  I liked the following moment when she… Continue reading


It’s all around me this week.  Truth is hard to speak. It may be even harder to hear. Some resist it. Some hide from it. Some deny it. Some fear it. But even… Continue reading

What Matters

Today I had the honor of leading a training session for the Mountain TOP summer staff.    I’m still amazed even after all these years, how whatever I am leading or teaching on… Continue reading


so my hair is straight maybe 4 times a year.  That would be when my hairdresser straightens it.   I’m amused with it for about 24 hours then I can’t deal with it anymore… Continue reading

time to blog

Quickest way to tell how much I’m working or how nutty life is, look at how long it’s been since I’ve posted.    But today I found time to blog. Granted I’m sitting… Continue reading

I promise

and some people say God doesn’t write on the wall anymore.   He wrote across the sky this morning. When In Rome – The…


Everyone has plans on Mother’s Day it seems.   So I too, was going to have a plan, mum or no mum. Yesterday I had plans.  I baked a cake on Saturday (two actually). … Continue reading


Balance.  it’s the trick.  It’s the trade? It’s needed – so very very needed. I know this.   I’m working on this.   I’m trying – really trying at balance.   I may not have arrived… Continue reading

Before and After

Clearly I have much more to say about last week’s residency for Sursum Corda.  But alas also clearly, I’m not there anymore, I’m here.    I am definitely back.    Definitely here.  The… Continue reading

pay attention to me.

so one of my favorite stories from university is that of my bestest friend Christy jumping on her bed while her room mate was on the phone.  She jumped up and down, up… Continue reading

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