so the dolphins are pretty darn cool.  seriously cool. yesterday after dinner, there was the fox that I had a staring contest with – he won.  seriously amazing But today —    seriously… Continue reading

coming to life

so my freckles have come out in full bloom!  yes I have freckles year round but there’s something about the sun that just brings those freckles to life.  some people have issue with… Continue reading


we began our day of silence this afternoon.     sometimes words are just not necessary.


watching the moon set on one side of the point. watching the sunrise on the other. finding dolphins playing near to shore in between. "I think I need a sunrise, I’m tired of… Continue reading


You know everyone should have a "George" to hang out with in the back of class.    It’s good to know that some friends really are for the long haul.    What a… Continue reading

Pilgrim Shoes

so pilgrims pray with their feet.  I love the concept.  I live the concept.  Afterall I am a perpetual pilgrim.  Even the walk around my neighborhood becomes a pilgrimage full of potential.   … Continue reading

WALK with me!

So tale #1 from St. Christopher’s Island in South Carolina. first of all what a place to take a class!  what a place to blog – I’m sitting under a palm tree (which… Continue reading

good and dusty

I remember when my Grandma turned 80.   She had earlier that year moved into this new place for seniors next to the church and not a quarter of a mile down the street… Continue reading

The Way I See It #237

so I get this knock on my door this morning. and one of my favorite faces (ok, I confess I have like 60 favorites faces that I love to see appear in the… Continue reading

The Day

you know it amazes me how God can remind me of something at 9am in the morning and then by 1:30pm it’s a total wash (and today is no exception).    I think… Continue reading

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