undo me

Its amazing what a day can do to undo us?  have you ever noticed.   I noticed tonight.    And then I walked.   and I walked and walked and walked and then walked some… Continue reading

Life today

It’s THE day of life. Life being restored to as it should be. Life where simultaneously the sun is always rising and always setting all day. Life where the flowers and trees are… Continue reading

the smell of Easter

the candle is lit again in the sanctuary.    and even though I"m sitting on my bed about to sack out it’s really nice to know that the candle is still burning all… Continue reading

The Holy Wait

Holy Saturday.  It’s the holy wait.   The space between Good Friday and Easter.   the holy wait.    you know though I love this day.  Almost as much as I love Good Friday —… Continue reading

Does the body good

So i’ve returned finally to practicing Yoga again.  I went yesterday to an easy class.  Today I went to a bit more advanced class.   It went fine.   It felt good.   But I’m sitting… Continue reading


"The end of fear is where we begin; the moment we decide to let love in. There’s nothing we can do about The things we have to live without The only way to… Continue reading

Morning After

And then sometimes the hype is actually worse than the storms themselves. In more ways than one, it’s nice when you have a reprieve and the storm misses.  I have to say though,… Continue reading

safe place

I grew up in tornado land – or to a young English girl, Cincinnati, Ohio was tornado land.   We had  tornado drills all the time.  But I don’t remember one tornadic storm.  Nope… Continue reading


so I was feeling a bit dark and twisty in this dark and twisty week especially as I work on my dark and twisty sermon for Friday.    when beautifully and eloquently this… Continue reading

Dark and Twisty

so the dark and twisty week in the church began today.   Holy Week: the week we come face to face with the pain, the suffering, the darkness, the brokeness of not only ourselves… Continue reading

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