Stormy Nights

the storm within the dark of my house tossing on a sea of restless waves… or on a bed of quilted waves.    restless indeed. disturbed.  about what?  I’m not so sure.  Though… Continue reading

my teacher

This morning I remembered something. I was watching Bugs go from the front window to the back window with a steady frequency.  And I realized that he’s no longer spends the morning curled… Continue reading

the song we know

Thursday I took a group of ladies from the church on a "little pilgrimage."  We spent the day hanging out in Sewanee at St. Mary’s Convent with our new friends, Sister Elizabeth and… Continue reading

First Kiss

Guess who came over? Guess who sat on the counter and ate bananas and strawberries? Guess who asked for more? Guess who kept putting rocks in Bugs water bowl? Guess who gave me… Continue reading

the senses

I walked Bugs today at lunch and I could smell spring. I’d forgotten how much I love the smell of spring.  who needs perfume when you have spring? so I was thinking I… Continue reading


I’ve been doing this Lenten Study on the disciple John … you know the one in DaVinci’s  painting of the Last Supper that "could" be Mary Magdalene (according to the Code) ….  Anyway … Continue reading

be careful what you say

or in my case what you write. I write.  I post.  But I don’t really know who reads it.  who checks it.  I just write because it’s good for me to write. And… Continue reading

synchronized fishing

so I thought the fox that ran past my bedroom window this morning was good – untoppable.   which on the side, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the reason I haven’t seen any… Continue reading

My new thing

It’s funny – Mum never came here but I’m here again.  I’m not even sure it was around when she was alive.  But somehow the Frothy Monkey keeps her near.  Maybe cause Cam… Continue reading


Veteran: you don’t know what it’s like to have something change you in your soul Izzie: I do.  I wish I didn’t.  But I do. Veteran:  don’t let it turn you.  maybe our… Continue reading

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