A Cloudy Week

seriously — it actually has been a cloudy week — periods of sun but frequently cloudy.  But would I blog on just the weather? …course not – it’s been a cloudy week in… Continue reading

Evening Walk

When all is lost All is left to gain. -Mat Kearney

My brother and I.

Earlier today I sat trying to work on somethings for tomorrow and decided that today I wished I was more like my brother.  My brother has this gift – and I really do… Continue reading

it really is a backwards day

You know I’m always asking my kids (all 50 of them) how have they made God smile …  and you can only imagine where the conversation goes whenever we gather together… I’m quite… Continue reading

Another Messy Friday

at last the world is holding it together today … it smells like spring outside.  the sun is out, the breeze blowing … the world seems pretty much in order today.    Which… Continue reading


so sometimes the world just seems backward … like yesterday afternoon …  a cat chased Bugs.   yes you heard me right.  Literally ran my dog off.  My beloved, four legged friend ran from… Continue reading

one more thing

ohhhh by the way I got home early enough today to do one of my most favorite things in the whole world.   I got to sit with a cup of tea and watch… Continue reading


Do not fear the conflict Do not flee it. Where there is no struggle there is no virtue. Where love and faith are not tempted, it is not possible to be sure whether… Continue reading

As it was… As it is.

I had back to back meetings this afternoon away from the church. I arrived to my second one amazingly enough 15 minutes early.  I’m never early (I was late to my first meeting)… Continue reading

some mornings…

Some mornings I put the radio on at my desk and I don’t like a single song that plays. And then some mornings I put the radio on and song after song seems… Continue reading

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