dogs friends

it’s amazing to me how many people I meet because of my dog … some of the time they have dogs, too – hence our meeting.    this morning we were doing our… Continue reading

Guess what night it is?

It’s THURSDAY!!!!  it doesn’t even matter that it was a re-run.   What I love about Greys is that it’s not really about surgery or surgeons; it’s about life and people.   I never realized… Continue reading


you know I have those days when nothing seems right -not me, not the world, not nothin’ and then I have those days like today, when it doesn’t matter if me, the world… Continue reading

the most delightful sound

so today to conclude my shabbat, I went and hung out with my brother and fam (family was always an integral part of shabbat).   I took a shepherd’s pie that I’d made this… Continue reading


I love words.   I love hebrew words so much cooler than English words … shabbat.  sabbath.   shabbat is just much better — but alas I’ve digressed. so for lent, I’m trying to return… Continue reading

For the record

you don’t need to drink alcohol, go to clubs, stay out all night to wake-up with a what I presume is  a hang-over.  nop. you can just work in the church – a… Continue reading

Ash Wednesday

Teach us to care and not to care Teach us to sit still even among these rocks. -T.S. Elliot’s  Ash Wednesday Teach us to fast.  Teach us to pray. Teach us to remember… Continue reading

Taking Pledges for the Famine

6 and 1

Today is my 1. Or at least I’m trying at it being my 1. I confess I’m not very good at the 6 and 1 model of life.  I heard this great sermon… Continue reading

The return of Thursday night therapy.

Disappearing.     Noticing.     Surviving.  Grey’s in full form. "I know people die, people die in front of us every day… but I believe in the good.   I believe that it’s been a… Continue reading

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